The coming heat is more intense … The observations reveal when the heat wave will break and the rain will fall: Take all measures


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Mahmoud Shaheen, director of the Center for Weather Analysis and Forecasts at the Meteorological Authority, revealed that the country is exposed during the next 48 hours to a severe heat wave in all governorates, reaching 42 degrees Celsius.

Shaheen added, in a telephone interview on the Extra News channel, that the temperatures will exceed their normal levels during the day, and the weather is moderate during the night period in most regions, stressing that the difference will be very large in the temperatures between the maximum and the minor during the day, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday, ranging between 10 And 15 degrees Celsius.

Shaheen called on citizens to wear summer clothes during the day, with a commitment to wear autumn clothes if going out late at night until early morning, indicating that the temperatures at this time will range from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius only, and gradually rise until it reaches 42 degrees Celsius. South Upper Egypt and 40 degrees in Greater Cairo.

Shaheen said that the weather on Monday will also witness active winds, loaded with sand and dust, over the northern regions of the country and the northwestern coasts as well as the Western Desert, and it will reach Greater Cairo.

He added that the winds of dust and sand will reduce horizontal visibility in the desert roads, stressing that these winds will arrive on Monday to include the rest of all governorates of the republic.

Shaheen called on citizens to take all measures to cope with the fluctuations in the weather conditions that the country is exposed to during today, Sunday, as well as tomorrow, Monday, warning those with chest diseases, as well as those suffering from sinus and respiratory problems, not to be exposed to these dusts, especially on Monday.

Shaheen revealed that on Tuesday, April 20, the heat wave will end, stressing that temperatures will drop from 8 to 12 degrees, expecting light rains and may reach thunderstorms sometimes in areas of the south of the country, during Tuesday and Wednesday in some areas.

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