The date and place of the funeral of Jumana Murad’s daughter news


Actress Jumana Murad announced the date of the funeral of her daughter, Diana Rabie Bseiso.

A statement from Joumanas media office stated that the condolences will take place tomorrow, Friday, April 2, at 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., in the Zamalek area next to the Swiss Institute, taking into account the precautionary measures due to the Coronavirus.

The child died a few days ago, and Joumana Murad announced the news of her daughter’s death and bid her farewell with poignant words. She posted her daughter’s picture through her personal account on the Instagram site for sharing photos and short videos, and commented, saying: “Praise be to God in any case .. God did not give and God did what he took, and we are God. And to Him we shall return. Today, our daughter, Diana Rabie Bseisu, has moved to the mercy of God. ”

And she continued: “God willing, you will be our intercessor in the Hereafter and for Paradise, O soul of the heart of your mother and your father. Parting with you is difficult and painful, but surely you are in a much better place .. Oh Lord, we were inspired by patience and solace and a response to our hearts. Heaven, mom. ”

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