The date of the Al-Ahly and Simba match in the African Champions League and the group arrangement after the draw with Al-Merrikh


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Match has ended Al-Ahly and Sudanese Mars A positive draw 2-2 in African Champions League The match witnessed the summit of excitement in the last minutes, as the Sudanese club Al-Merrikh advanced first in the 26th minute through Ramadan Wonder, then strengthened the result for Sudanese player Saif Terry by scoring the second goal in the 36th minute, to end the first half with Mars advancing with two goals for nothing for Al-Ahly club.

In the second half, the match was heading in favor of Mars, except for the club Ahly He had another opinion in the last minutes of the match, as Badr Bannon scored the first goal from a penalty kick in the 82nd minute of the match, then defender Yasser Ibrahim strengthened the score by scoring the second goal for Al-Ahly in the fourth minute of wasted time of the match, to get Al-Ahly out of the match with this result Even, but with a taste for victory.

The following is a group arrangement Ahly in a African Champions League After the draw with the Sudanese Al-Merrikh

1- Simba, Tanzania: 13 points

2- Al-Ahly of Egypt: 8 points

3- Vita for the Congolese Cup: 4 points

4- Al-Merrikh Al-Sudani: 4 points

With this result, Al-Ahly’s balance becomes 8 points and will formally qualify for the next round, which is the quarter-finals of the African Champions League after winning second place in his group, leaving him with one match against the Tanzanian club Sebma, but it will not change his position in the group, where the Tanzanian club also qualified after winning over Vita for a cup in the match that was held at the same time with the Al-Ahly match, in which the Tanzanian club won four goals against a goal to become the leader of the group with 13 points. Even if Al-Ahly wins, he will have 11 points and the difference between them becomes two points in favor of Simba Club, so the next match will be considered a achievement for both teams.

The match will be held on the next beer, April 9 at 9 pm Cairo local time, and at the same time the Vita Club match and the Sudanese Al-Merrekh will be held within the same group.

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