The date of the series “Offspring of Strangers”, Episode Seven, Ramadan 2021


The search is still ongoing for the date of the seventh episode of the series Offspring of Strangers, and due to the high search rate, we decided through this article to know the date of the show and the channels that transmit the series, as well as the timing of the replay, so that viewers can follow the series after knowing the official date and return dates.

The events of the series descendants of strangers

The activities of the series “Naseel Al-Gharib” began with wonderful scenes of two Egyptian stars, the heroes of the series Ahmed Al-Sakka (Assaf al-Gharib) and Amir Karara (Forgiveness al-Gharib) who embodies the role of Assaf’s cousin, and blood and hatred occurred between them, and the dispute ended between them in the prison of Assaf al-Gharib, who embodied him The artist Ahmed El-Sakka for 20 years, then appeared after the court decided his exit.

Then he went to the center to release him, and then he met the artist Muhammad Diab, who embodies the personality of the chief of the detective, Ali al-Gharib, who tells the story of the strangers, and then appears the star Amir Karara, who embodies the character of the stranger’s forgiveness and owns most of the country. Until the actress, Mai Omar, who embodied the wife of Ghufran after her divorce from Assaf, and she had given birth to a son from him, then she gave birth to another son from Forgiveness, and then the events followed in a teaser way where a major conflict occurred between the children of Uncle Forgiveness and Assaf, who had been promised blood.

The date of the series “Offspring of Strangers”

  • On an ongoing basis, we would like to inform our followers that the series will be shown on ON TV at 7:45 PM, and replays from 4:30 AM and 2:00 PM.
  • The series will air at 11:00 PM on MBC 1, and the replay will be 4:00 AM and 7:30 PM.
  • The series will be broadcast on On Drama at 9:00 PM, and repeat 3 times: 6:30 AM, 10:15 AM, 3:30 PM.


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