The dates for the showing of the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” on DMC channel in Ramadan


DMC announced the dates for the showing of the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” by the great star Yahya Al-Fakharani on its screen during the current month of Ramadan, where the work will be shown at 9:00 pm, and it will be repeated at 5:00 in the morning and at 1:00 in the morning.

Naguib Zahi Zarkash
Naguib Zahi Zarkash

And the Naguib Zahi Zarkash series, starring Yahya Al-Fakharani, Anushka, Sherine, Rana Rais, Noha Abdeen, Karim Afifi, Islam Ibrahim, Muhammad Mahmoud, Muhammad Yusra, Tamim Abdo, Muhammad Al-Sawy, Fattouh Ahmed, and a number of other young artists, and the work is written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Shady El Fakharany and produced by Synergy.

Yahya Al-Fakharani returns in the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” to the Ramadan drama after an absence of two years, where he presented his latest work in the series “Family Size” in 2018, where he has been busy over the past two years showing his play “King Lear” in Cairo, and traveling to Saudi Arabia during the Riyadh entertainment season. In addition to that, he was preparing a new movie through which he would return to the cinema after many years’ absence, but it was postponed.


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