The death of the former Egypt national footballer, who appealed to his daughter Al-Sisi to save him in Yemen


The Egyptian national team player and former star of the Ghazl El Mahalla soccer team, Ibrahim Youssef, died today, Friday, in Yemen, as a result of his infection with the Corona virus.

Ibrahim Youssef worked in Yemen for two months, where he trained Al-Saqr Sports Club for football, which he previously worked with two years ago and achieved with him the local league and cup titles.

According to Egyptian media, Marwa Youssef, Nagla Ibrahim Youssef, appealed to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to save her father in Yemen after his health deteriorated.

And she said, “My father literally dies .. Help us, President, by God. You are the star of the Egyptian national team with football .. We tried in every way that he is returning and you do not know. Two months ago, my father trained the Yemeni Falcon Club, then a health problem occurred to him, and he was transferred to a hospital in a city.” Sanaa, the club president (Shawqi Hayel) was keen to follow his health condition closely, and when it improved, he agreed to return to Egypt.During his transfer from the city of Sanaa to Aden airport (about 11 hours) his condition worsened again, and he was transferred to Aden Governmental Hospital, but it is bad And totally inhuman. ”

She added: “My father showed all the symptoms of Corona, but he took 6 swabs, all of which were negative. Some doctors said that he suffers from acute pneumonia in addition to high blood sugar .. We do not know about my father 10 days ago, one of the club players called (Fadl). He never leaves him and he is the one who reassures us about his health condition. My father does not get good nutrition, and his condition worsened in addition to the emergence of bed sores in his body as a result of the deterioration of the hospital’s condition, we tried to transfer him to another hospital, but the situation in Yemen is different from that in Egypt and private hospitals did not accept a case. Coming from another government unit, “Hail (the club president) reserved 10 chairs in one of the planes returning to Egypt for my father, but it was not sufficiently equipped to maintain his life, and my father needs an aircraft equipped with a medically equipped oxygen tube and a pump.”

Najla Ibrahim Youssef finished her speech: “Minister Nabila Makram contacted us and promised us to solve the matter. We also appeal to Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi to quickly return my father to Egypt.”

And the medical delegation assigned by the Yemeni Ministry of Health to review the health of the coach of the Falcon Club in Taiz has previously confirmed that his health condition is stable and that he is receiving full medical care and attention in the Corona Cases Isolation Center at Al-Jumhuriya Hospital in Aden. According to Saba News Agency.

The Yemeni Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Qassem Baibeh, had assigned the Undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Abdul Raqeeb Al-Haidari, and the Director General of Emergency and Ambulance at the Ministry, Dr. Mansour Al-Hubaishi, to visit the isolation center for patients infected with Coronavirus in Al-Jumhuriya Hospital in Aden, to examine the situation of Egyptian Captain Ibrahim Youssef.

The medical delegation discussed with the director of the isolation center, the head of the Belgian Doctors Without Borders mission, Dr. Raphael, the health condition of Captain Ibrahim Youssef, which turned out to be in constant improvement, compared to his condition when he was brought to the center two weeks ago, and determined efforts were made by the medical staff to overcome this in the face of the epidemic .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Abdul Raqeeb Al-Haidari, referred to the minister’s directives to increase attention and care for Captain Ibrahim’s health and the health of all patients, in the isolation center.

For its part, the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad confirmed that it is following up the case of the former Egyptian national team player and former Mahalla spinner, Ibrahim Youssef, who was infected with the Corona virus while working in Yemen as a coach for the Falcon team.

The Ministry of Immigration issued an official statement, through Ambassador Nabila Makram, confirming her direct contact with the family of Captain Ibrahim Youssef, and that the ministry is in constant follow-up to his case.

The statement added that the transfer of Captain Ibrahim Youssef to Aden Hospital came at the request of the Yemeni citizen accompanying him to complete his treatment there, and that the ministry is in constant contact with the Egyptian embassy

In Riyadh, whose work also covers Yemen, which monitors the condition of Captain Ibrahim Youssef on a daily basis and works to provide everything he needs.

Source: Egyptian media


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