The effect of desire between spouses during the day in Ramadan .. Does fasting invalidate? .. Thus


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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Qadus:

My husband hugged me and kissed me during the day in Ramadan before leaving the house, and when he went out I started preparing for prayer, and I found some water in my clothes, so am I not fasting this day or not? .. A question that the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa received, and responded to the answer to it, Dr. Shawqi Allam, Mufti of the Republic .

In his answer, the eminent Mufti affirmed that if what the questioner found in her clothes was thin, yellow water, and she felt the strength of lust and pleasure at the time he left, and the lukewarmness after it, then it is semen, and in this case if his descent was due to the act mentioned in the question, then her fast is invalidated and she must make up By agreement of the jurists

Allam added, in a statement of his fatwa through the official portal of the house: As for if the water is thin and white, then it is madhiy, and in this case her fast is not invalidated, according to the opinion of some jurists, yet it is desirable for her to make up after Ramadan in order to avoid disagreement.

The Mufti pointed out that all that invalidates fasting in the case of men invalidates fasting also in the case of women The fuqaha ‘did not differentiate when mentioning what invalidates fasting between a man and a woman in anything. Rather, some of them stated that a woman is equal to the same as a man. Stressing that for the validity of fasting, the fasting person, whether male or female, must stop the mouth and vulva desires.

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