The fact that Musimani refused the return of Ahmed Yasser Rayan to Al-Ahly’s new season


Detect a source inside Alahli football club The fact of rejecting South Africa Pitso Musimani Technical Director of Al-Ahly Club, Odeh Ahmed Yasser Rayan The striker of the team loaned to the Ceramica Club next season.

The current season witnessed the participation of Ahmed Yasser Rayan with his team Ceramica in 11 league matches, in addition to his participation with the red team before loaning in two matches in the local championship, the same in the Champions League, and a match in the Egypt Cup, and his score of goals reached 6 goals.

The source confirmed that the technical staff of Al-Ahly club welcomes any European offer to Ahmed Yasser Rayan and leave Al-Ahly permanently for professionalism, preferring the professional team to return again to the team that has more than one player in the same position, such as Walter Bwalya, Marwan Mohsen, Mohamed Sherif and Salah Mohsen, in addition to the attacker. The foreigner that Musimani asked to contract with him next season.

Al-Ahly did not decide the fate of Ahmed Yasser Rayan from returning to the team at the end of the current season after the end of the loan, despite the demands of many for the return of the player in light of his remarkable brilliance with Ceramica.

The last period witnessed news that Ahmed Yasser Rayan had received an offer from the Turkish league, but Al-Ahly announced through Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts, that the club had not received an official offer from Turkey or others to buy the rookie striker.


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