The first comment by the singer Amira Selim after the ceremony of the transfer of royal mummies | news


Opera singer Amira Selim expressed her happiness with the reactions after her participation in the ceremony of transferring royal mummies.

Amira Selim spoke about the ceremony through her Facebook account, and wrote: “It was a long, important and proud day for me and my country, full of strong and beautiful feelings.”

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In response to her deserving of the many letters of appreciation and positive comments, she added: “I am happy with every letter, post, comment and crown that arrived for me .. Sure, I will respond to every single person … and thank you all from my heart.”

It is noteworthy that Amira Selim performed during the ceremony the song of Isis in the Pharaonic language, composed by musician Hisham Nazih, with the Philharmonic Union orchestra and choir led by Maestro Nader Abbasi.

The words of the Pharaonic song say:
We are going to revolt, we will grow, and you will be happy.
Tawi or Espoy
Raor Hasso is safe for you
Sunn East DS
Naseewat Aat An Neso B.

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