The first comment from Ahmed Al-Ahmar after Zamalek drew with Al-Ahly at the top of the hand


The match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek ended in a 28-28 draw, in the final round of the Professional Hand League Championship.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek shared the top of the league table with 40 points before the start of the match, to postpone the decision of the championship issue to a decisive match between the two teams, next Monday.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar said in televised statements on “On Time Sports”: “Today’s match was a sparring, and this is normal for a decisive match. There is an artistic rapprochement between the two teams.”

He continued: “The match between the two poles will not be easy, because the players understand each other greatly and understand the way each other plays.”

And he added, “The atmosphere was good. It is natural that every team wants to win. This competition is on the field, but outside the stadium we are the brothers and the strength of the Egyptian national team.”

Regarding his message to the football fans before the summit in front of Al-Ahly ?, he replied: “Zamalek suffers from the problems of the recent period, but we always support all teams despite all the difficult circumstances, and we are accustomed that the fans support us.”


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