The first comment from Alexandria University on Omar Kamal’s concert: Warn us and we will take it


10:16 PM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Today, Friday, the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, denied its connection to the ceremony that was held yesterday at the beach of a hotel in Sidi Gaber under the name of “Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Education,” noting that the party organizers have no relationship with the college.

The college stated in a statement, today, that the college administration has taken the necessary measures to prevent holding the ceremony in light of its commitment to precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus, and to prevent gatherings and activities in order to preserve the health of students.

The statement indicated that the college contacted the hotel management to confirm that the college administration has nothing to do with this ceremony, and that its organizers are taking advantage of this critical period that the college cannot organize such kind of celebrations or gatherings with a clear commercial purpose.

The statement pointed out that the college administration, upon its work in preparing for this ceremony on March 16th, issued a warning statement to students on all official pages of the college, not to be drawn into any false propaganda that is announced by unknown parties.

The college administration and youth welfare in the college vacated its responsibility towards the ceremony, noting that it will take legal measures against any student who may be related to organizing or exploiting the name of the college, to participate in an unannounced activity in the college, as this is considered a violation of the laws and regulations of the college and the university, which exposes him to legal accountability.

The concert, organized by students of the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, and performed by singer Omar Kamal at a beach belonging to a hotel in Sidi Gaber, sparked a great controversy for not adhering to the precautionary measures, while activists on Facebook criticized the audience of the ceremony by saying, “These are the teachers and teachers of our children in the future.”

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