The first comment from Angham on the apology of Asala


08:47 PM

Tuesday 06 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Singer Angham responded to the Syrian actress Asalas apology through her account on the “Instagram” site.

And “Angham” wrote: “We are all wrong, O Asala, and it is thought for you that you have the courage to apologize, and despite all that happened, I cannot accept your apology, and may God forgive what was previously mentioned.”

Asala langham apologized for their disagreement after the latter’s marriage to the distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, the husband of the daughter of the director’s sister, Tariq Al-Erian – Asalas ex-husband.

Asala published a picture of Angham and her children through her account on the “Instagram” site, and commented: “Without introductions, I would like to apologize to the most beloved, always friendly, Angham for what I gave and I miscalculated.”

And she continued: “Likewise, I apologize very much to my sons, Omar and Abdel Rahman, for what happened. If there was no response, I would have accepted the tone, and we were supposed to be in all circumstances, what was the basis for some, (I relaxed a lot and I dared do something that I want to do from the extension).”

The dispute between the duo, Angham and Asala, began with the announcement of the marriage of the first to the music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, who was married to Yasmine Issa, his son, the brother of director Tariq Al-Erian, the former husband of Asala, at the beginning of last year, which was not accepted by Asala as a relative of the distributor Ahmed Ibrahim’s first wife.


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