The first comment from Hossam Hassan after his transfer to the Libyan League … Pictures


Hossam Hassan, the top scorer of the Smouha team and the excellent Egyptian League, expressed his happiness at moving to the ranks of Al-Ahly Tripoli, Libya, after the approval of the Board of Directors of the Alexandrian team headed by Faraj Amer, and the technical staff of the team led by Ahmed Sami, and Hossam Hassan published photos through his personal account on Instagram while wearing the Ahly Tripoli shirt, commenting: “Lord Explain to me my chest and make it easy for me and loosen the knots from my tongue, understand my saying..O God, I ask you for success. “

Hossam Hassan (1)
Hossam Hassan
Hossam Hassan (2)
Hossam Hassan
Hossam Hassan (3)
Hossam Hassan

Mohamed Farag Amer, president of Smouha Club, announced the loan of the two-team Blue Team Mohamed Tarhouni andHossam Hassan To the Libyan National Club of Tripoli for a period of 4 months after agreeing on all contractual terms, provided that the two sides return to the Blue Wave at the beginning of the next season.

The officials of the people of Tripoli held a friendly session with Faraj Amer a week ago, at the request of Talaat Youssef, the technical director of the Libyan team, who requested a contract with the players, which was approved by the president of Smouha and Ahmed Sami, the technical director of the team.

The players will join their new team for the start of the season, as the people of Tripoli are currently preparing for the start of the season there.

It is noteworthy that the transfer period in Libya starts from the beginning of April and ends at the end of the same month.

Hossam Hassan was preceded by 4 professional players In the people of Tripoli They are Omar Jamal, a former Ismaili player who has played for Al-Ahly Tripoli for 6 months since June 2013, and Ahmed Hassan Makki, the former Smouha player, moved to Al-Ahly Tripoli at the same time, but it lasted for a year, after which Ayman Hefni, the former Army player and the current Zamalek player, moved to the same team in November 2013 for a period of time. 6 months, and Osama Azab for the same team for 6 months since the end of 2014.


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