The first comment from Khaled al-Nabawi after being infected with the Coronavirus: “A dangerous disease … may God protect you from it.”


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In his first comment after being infected with the Coronavirus, artist Khaled al-Nabawi warned of the virus, indicating that he was still in isolation.

The Prophet wrote on his Twitter page, “Good evening to all dear loved ones .. Praise be to God at the end of the isolation period, God willing, get out of it well .. Corona disease is dangerous .. Our Lord protects you from it and I wish a speedy recovery to all people ».

He continued: “Every year, you are good, and Ramadan is generous to you and on Egypt and the entire Arab and Islamic nation.”

Writer Farida Al-Shobashi, a member of Parliament, had denied that the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi had performed a cardiac catheterization, explaining that his health had worsened after suffering complications due to his infection with the Coronavirus.

Al-Shobashi said, in a telephone interview on a television program, that Khaled al-Nabawi had contracted the Corona virus and that he was being held in a hospital and his health condition was continuously improving.

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