The first comment from the Jordanian army on the activities of Prince Hamzah targeting Prof.


09:49 PM

Saturday 03 April 2021


The Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Yusef Ahmed Al-Huneiti, announced that the former Jordanian Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, had been called upon to “cease any movements and activities targeting Jordan’s security,” noting that the former head of the Jordanian royal court, and prominent former officials, were arrested in A framework for investigations about targeting the Kingdom’s security.

Al-Hunaiti confirmed, according to the Jordanian News Agency, Petra, today, Saturday, “The allegations published about Prince Hamzah’s arrest are incorrect, but he indicated that he was asked to stop the movements and activities that are used to target Jordan’s security and stability within the framework of comprehensive joint investigations carried out by the security services. As a result, Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, Basem Ibrahim Awad Allah, and others were arrested.

Al-Hunaiti said, “Investigations are continuing, and their results will be disclosed with full transparency and clarity.” He stressed that “all the measures that were taken were carried out within the framework of the law and after extensive investigations that required them, as he confirmed that no one is above the law and that Jordan’s security and stability take precedence over any consideration.”

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