The first “leaked” video from the Ramez program … on a roof and wearing trousers!


Activists on social media circulated a video, claiming that it was by Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal during the filming of one of the episodes of his program, which may be titled “Ramez is a psychopath,” which will be shown next Ramadan.

In the alleged clip, Ramez Jalal was seen standing in front of the cameras and presenting one of the program’s paragraphs, wearing shorts. The video was attached with the comment: “Hayyet Allah Ramez Jalal”.

Another video was circulated, during the past days, whose publishers said that it was footage filmed from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and some scenes of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal’s new program, which will be shown in the month of Ramadan, have been unveiled and filmed in complete secrecy to prevent leakage Its details.

The footage recorded by a Saudi youth using the camera of his smartphone, and he shared it through the “TikTok” video application, shows Ramez Jalal walking in Riyadh with a team from his program towards a huge building to carry out a mission. The videographer commented: “Ramez Jalal is the star of YouTube,” and indicated that Ramez Jalal’s hair was dyed red and yellow, which seems to be his appearance in the new program.

Ramez Jalal used to change his appearance in every version of his annual landfill programs, and appeared in the “Ramiz Majnun Official” Ramadan 2020 program, with blue hair.

And the Ramez Jalal pranks program for Ramadan 2021 is being filmed in complete secrecy inside a major theme park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is designed in a world-class style.

The idea of ​​the program revolves around Ramez Jalal, with the guest of each episode, entering a major adventure inside the amusement park, and after completing a tour inside it, they jump from a high height and fall into the water.


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