The first photo of Israa Imad’s husband’s mother and brother after their release


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Israa Emad

“They” obtained the first picture of Mrs. Hanan, the mother of the husband accused of assaulting his wife Isra Imad with a sharp object and attempting to kill her, and his brother Mustafa, known as “Tito”, after they were released from the prosecution, as they were charged with incitement to attempt to kill Israa, Alexandria girl.

Earlier, the security forces arrested Mrs. Hanan, 45, the mother of Israas husband, and his brother Mustafa, for hearing their statements regarding their participation in the incident by inciting the attempted murder of the young woman Israa, and inciting the husband to kill her, and they were referred to The Public Prosecutor’s Office to initiate investigations with them.

After accusing her husband, Israa Emad’s lawyer reveals the truth about her relationship with “Hassan”, her husband’s friend

The Prosecutor of Al-Muntazah in Alexandria decided to present the victim, Israa Emad, who is 18 years old, to the Forensic Medicine Authority in the presence of one of its representatives, while it was decided to re-show her again after removing the bandages that were covering her wounds.

The victim’s lawyer revealed that Tito confirmed before the prosecution that he had advised his brother to back down, and told him: “We are shrewd.

Among the reasons for their release also included the statements of the victim, Isra Imad, before the prosecution that the mother and brother of her husband were not present at the location of the crime, but her husband contacted his brother and his mother and told them over the phone about the incident and said to his brother: “I am finished.” We are all shrewd. ”

The lawyer explained in statements to “them” that Israas statements were a main reason for their release, as these words coincided with Israas statements unintentionally, that they were not present during the commission of the incident, despite their accusations of incitement and assistance to them, but his statement has no evidence, but merely charges sent And the wife’s hadith came in agreement with the hadith of the accused’s mother and brother.

While the temporary renewal judge at the Montazah Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria ordered the renewal of the detention of Israas 24-year-old husband, 15 days pending investigations on charges of attempting to kill his wife, as he stabbed all parts of her body in an incident that stirred public opinion in Egypt.


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