The Football Association announces the league table to its end


The Egyptian Football Association Competitions Department announced the dates of the remaining rounds from the life of the Egyptian WE League until the end.

And the Football Association published in an official statement, which Yallakora obtained a copy of, that the Competitions Administration announced the dates of the remaining matches in the tournament, which will end on September 30th.

The Football Association stressed in its statement that it does not have the right to postpone any match, especially in light of the surrounding circumstances, according to the description of the federation.

The Football Association statement stated: “At the same time, it fully understands the physical and technical pressures that some clubs are exposed to, especially the participation in the African championships, from which the federation stands as a supporter and a sponsor for all.”
The interests of the clubs, which confirms with him his readiness to study any proposal that helps these clubs and meets their requirements.

The Football Association concluded the statement: “However, the federation also confirms that any postponement of what has been announced has no place except during the period of the Olympic team gathering, which makes the clubs perform their deferrals without their selected players for the Olympic team.”

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