The founding company of the European Super League is resorting to court


The “SLCo” company, representing the European Super League, sent a letter to Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), and Alexandre Seferin, President of the European Union (UEFA), inviting them to cooperate with informing them that the company is taking legal measures.

According to the British news agency (BA Media), the letter made clear that the lawsuit would try to address threats to exclude its clubs and players from other tournaments.

“We are concerned about the response of FIFA and UEFA to this invitation letter, through the intention to apply punitive criteria to exclude any participating club or player from all their competitions,” the letter said.

“We hope that this will not be your response to this letter and that your two organizations will recognize the immediate benefits of the competition established by SLC,” he added.

“We also look forward to your cooperation and support on how to include the tournament in the football economic system, and to work with us to achieve this goal,” he added.

“Your official statement forces us to take preventive steps to secure ourselves against such a counter reaction, which will not only jeopardize the commitment to financing, but it will be largely illegal,” the statement noted.

“For this reason, SLCo has filed a lawsuit with the competent courts in order to ensure a smooth launch and the championship work in accordance with the applicable laws,” the statement affirmed.

The letter stated that the Super League had obtained a binding commitment from a financial institution to guarantee the financing of the competition and its clubs within the limits of 4 billion euros (4.8 billion dollars).


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