The funeral of Basma Bousil’s father, in the presence of his family, only today


The funeral of the father of Basma Bousil, wife of the star Tamer Hosni, is taking place today, Friday, as he passed away in the early hours of this morning, and the funeral is limited to the family of the deceased only, due to the Corona virus pandemic, and the generation star refused to announce the place of the funeral in order to follow the precautionary measures.

Basma called her father and called for mercy and forgiveness, and wrote on her Instagram page: “The heart that was patient with me over the cruelty of the world was gone. Whatever was calling me, said: O Basma, my life, but the truth is that it was my whole life … May God have mercy on you, O more precious than my soul. O dearest father in this world … we belong to God and to Him we shall return. “

The “seventh day” offers condolences to the great star Tamer Hosni and his wife in their painful affliction, praying to the Almighty God that the deceased be covered with the breadth of his mercy and to inspire his family with patience and solace.



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