The godfather .. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq’s dream to write for cinema and drama comes true after his death


The series “Metaphysics” is still the source of a lot of ideas that can be presented on screen.

Today passes the third anniversary of the death of the Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, who passed away on April 2, 2018, in a hospital in Cairo after a heart attack at the age of 56, triggering a storm of grief on social media among his readers and fans who were brought up on his stories and articles.

What added to the sorrows of his fans was that the greatest dreams of the late writer, nicknamed “the godfather”, were not fulfilled in his life, as he often talked about his dream of writing for cinema and drama, which was achieved after his death.

The conquest of cinema and drama

Tawfiq said years ago, “Cinema is the finest art and the best value. There are scenes that no pen can embody, and there are voices and impressions that are difficult to write, and the idea of ​​writing for cinema always leads me, but my reading in the art of script is more than my literary reading, but it always collides with many.” Of complications. ”

The late writer added – in a press interview – that “there must be an enthusiastic producer before there is a distinguished director. The controlling idea for me is to write a film far from horror and write a series that deals with horror in a new and different way. If drama and cinema are not invaded, I will consider myself I have not achieved all.” What I wanted. ”

Netflix makes the dream come true

Last November, Netflix showed the horror series “Beyond Nature” based on the most prominent fictional series written by the godfather. The global network presented it in its first Egyptian original work with a huge production in 6 episodes of the first season, starring Ahmed Amin and Razan Jamal and Aya Samaha, directed by Amr Salama and Majid Al-Ansari, and the executive producer is Mohamed Hefzy.

The events of the episodes revolved around “Rifaat Ismail,” a professor of hematology at Cairo University, who was surprised by the return of his classmate, Maggie, from Scotland, to face together various adventures that begin with the appearance of the ghost of the little girl “Shiraz” whom Rifaat loved in his childhood when he entered Al-Khadrawi’s house with his fellow children , Which is a haunted house in the city of Mansoura, and then faces “Rifaat” the mystery of the death of a group of scientists after the dissection of the mummy of Pharaoh.

“Rifaat” and “Maggie” set out to confront a brutal monster called “Alasas” in the desert of Libya, then they encounter the myth of “modesty” in a rural village that is Rifaat’s hometown, and then Rifaat faces his worst fears in nightmares in which he appears “squatting”.

The series raised the interest of millions in Egypt and the Arab world, and set off a storm of controversy between a fan and a critic, as many expressed their admiration for the quality of photography and the magnitude of the production, but some graphic scenes raised great criticism, as well as the differences between the stories written by Tawfiq and the episodes of the series.

“Metaphysics” was not the first work that was inspired by the stories of the godfather, as it was preceded by the production of the series “Zodiac” based on the story group “Your Luck Today”, and it was shown in Ramadan 2019 on the platform “Viu” and the Egyptian channel “Sada Al Balad” .

“Zodiac” tells the story of a group of university students who are involved in a series of mysterious crimes after they conduct a press investigation about the life of a famous astronomer. The series is directed by Mahmoud Kamel and starring Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Khaled Anwar and Mohamed Mahran.

A few months ago, Egyptian writer Tamer Ibrahim announced the transformation of the story group “Room 207” into a dramatic work on the “Shahid” platform. The stories of “Room 207” take place in 1968, and dealt with the adventures of “Gamal El Sawaf”, an employee at the reception at a hotel in a coastal city, where He discovers mysterious secrets surrounding room No. 207, which the author described by saying, “Many entered Room 207, but only a few managed to escape from it and left carrying memories of what happened to them in it … memories that they do not even dare to repeat to anyone.”

The godfather still has a lot to offer

Tawfiq chose horror literature to specialize in from the beginning, because, as he says, “is very attractive, and because I loved it in my childhood and adolescence, and I wished there would be more of it, so I decided to write it myself.”

The series “Metaphysics” is still the source of many ideas that can be presented on the screen, as the number of the series exceeded 80 in number, and varied between presenting pure Egyptian myths such as “humor” and “The Curse of the Pharaohs”, or dealing with stories of vampires, zombies, wolves and ghosts, As in western literature.

The godfather also presented a story series entitled “Fantasia” beginning in 1995, during which the heroine “Abeer Abdel-Rahman” takes wild journeys through a unique computer that enters the worlds of her imagination that vary between history and literature, and fights stories and battles that she had read about before.

In his “Safari” story series, we enter the world of “Alaa Abdel-Azim”, a very enthusiastic young doctor who ventures into the world of medicine in the “Safari” medical unit in Cameroon and other African countries.

Fans of the godfather hope that the success of the series “Beyond Nature” – on Netflix – will encourage Arab and international producers to research the stories of the godfather, in order to present more of his works on the small screen, in cinemas or on Internet platforms, so that more dreams of the godfather will come true, even if He hadn’t seen her in his life.


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