The head of Natgas to “Masrawy”: Control of the “gas” fire in October


10:37 PM

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

Eng. Amr Masoud, head of the Natgas Company for delivering natural gas to homes, announced the control of the fire that broke out in one of the gas lines feeding the Sixth District in October, indicating that the fire took a long time to extinguish as a result of the presence of gas stocks at the high pressure line.

In exclusive statements to Masrawy, Masoud explained that the gas was separated from the high pressure line and then the low pressure, to secure extinguishing operations and to ensure tight control over the fire, stressing that no customer was affected by the gas interruption permanently as a result of the presence of alternative supplies to the area.

He stressed that there were no losses because the fire broke out in the organization that is not adjacent to the population bloc, explaining that the investigation authorities are carrying out their work to identify the causes of the fire and the outbreak of the fire.

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