The Health Care Authority announces the cancellation of paper transactions in medical units and centers


Announced a body Healthcare The health units and centers that operate within the comprehensive health insurance system have all their services automated, meaning that the papers have been completely disposed of.

According to the Health Care Authority, which launched the entry into the Cape Health Unit in Port Said, fully operating to provide family medicine services within the comprehensive health insurance system, all services in the units and centers are automated and have a drug supply system aimed at providing medicine, predicting any deficiencies and providing them quickly.

The authority revealed the electronic linking of the laboratories with clinics and pharmacies, with the aim of providing the possibility of electronic payment of the contributions that the beneficiary pays with obtaining the service.

The authority added that health centers and units are the individual’s first gateway to obtain health services, stressing that they cover 80% of the beneficiaries’ health needs, according to the latest global health systems.

The health unit serves 5,000 families while the center serves 10,000 families, pointing out that the unit has various basic medical specialties (internal medicine, children, gynecology, vaccinations, family planning, dentistry, laboratory, pharmacy), adding that Port Said governorate has 32 units and a center for family medicine provides Medical services for beneficiaries.

Work in the units is carried out through an automated work system that ensures citizens’ access to high-quality health services, as the work cycle of the health unit includes reservation for examination via Call Center 15344 to ensure non-overcrowding and to prevent overcrowding and prevent Corona virus, then start the visit by measuring the patient’s vital signs, and recording the evaluation Medical and electronic medical records diagnostics of the disease, which helps the doctor to diagnose and properly treat cases later on based on knowledge of the medical history of the case, followed by conducting laboratory medical examinations or x-rays if necessary according to the doctor’s directives, as well as identifying medicines for the patient and dispensing them from the pharmacy, as well as a system Referral to hospitals in case of need to receive secondary and tertiary health services, such as operations, surgical interventions, and other advanced health services.

The comprehensive health insurance project represents a paradigm shift for the health sector in Egypt, with its guarantee of treatment for all Egyptians, and the provision of distinct health services in accordance with the latest international standards, in which the state guarantees treatment for the incapable, and covers all health needs of patients, starting from the initial medical examination, passing through radiography and analysis Medical services, and access to major medical and surgical interventions, which rebuild citizens’ confidence in the Egyptian health system and achieve the goals of Egypt Vision 2030 by providing comprehensive health coverage to Egyptians with quality, dignity and without discrimination.


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