The Hindi is not a movie, but a love story between an Egyptian and an Indian that culminates in marriage and flies to “Bombay”


The beginning of a love story that became famous for the famous video site “YouTube” and it is for the well-known Egyptian duo Yasmine and her Indian husband “Afzal” who lives in Bombay, and they are the two whose love story crossed continents and flew to an Indian city until it culminated in marriage about two years ago.

An Indian kidnapped an Egyptian heart and flew to Bombay to be crowned with the marriage

It is also mentioned that Yasmine and Best got to know each other in 2019 in India, through an engineering education program in the city of “Hyderabad” because they work in the field of engineering. The 26-year-old Egyptian woman specializes in the field of designing residential buildings and arranging gardens, and the best is A 29-year-old with a field of civil engineering.

Although Hyderabad is not related to the upbringing of Yasmine and Al Hindi is about 15 hours away from her by train, but the place where their hearts met and the beginning of her acquaintance if they came out of her with many mutual friends and helped start their way and create their own YouTube channel called Afzal and Yasmine Egyptian Indian “, which is followed by about 424 thousand followers and has so far achieved 30 million views and 705 thousand and 167 views by watching 36 videos.

As for the beginning of fame and the entry into social media, Yasmine told her that it is unexpected, because she and her husband are shy, but they love photography very much, and she continued, saying, “After our marriage, I lovingly shared everything new in India with my family and friends, and from here came the idea of ​​the channel.”


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