The last appearance of “Lulwa”, Sherihan’s daughter, celebrating her birthday – Newspaper Norte


The Egyptian actress celebrated Sherihan The birthday of her eldest daughter, “Lulwa,” which falls on Thursday, April 22nd.

I posted Sherihan A picture of her collects with her daughter through her account on the Instagram application of photos and videos through the Astori feature, and she wrote in her comment on it: “With your eyes, I see life more beautiful, oh smile of my life that brought my heart back to life.”

Also posted Sherihan Also, a video clip from an old television interview of her, in which she was talking about her daughter, who was three years old at the time, and her relationship with her, including several pictures of “Lulwa” from different ages.

Intervals Sherihan In the video: “Lulwa is smart, I have a very polite, very obedient, I mean, but her rationality should not laugh at her. A sincere boy, not a girl …

And she continued: “I am amazed. I myself don’t believe if I or it was a big dream. Our Lord, the Almighty, praise be to God, fulfilled it.


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