The Medicines Authority announces the registration of 16 products within the treatment protocols of Corona


Dr. Mahmoud Yassin announced a spokesman Egyptian Drug Authority, That the authority was able during the past year to register 16 pharmaceutical preparations for treating the Coronavirus, according to the exceptional registration mechanism for some preparations that it approved in April 2020, and the preparations included the following active substances: “4 preparations that include azithromycin, a preparation for Ivermectin, and 3 preparations. It contains remdesivir, in addition to 8 preparations containing favibravir.

Dr. Hanan Amin, Head of the Central Department of Pharmaceutical Products at the Drug Authority, indicated that the exceptional registration procedures taken by the authority regarding remdesivir have contributed to reducing the production cost to only 10% of the original cost of the product at its global price, which ranged between 5 To 6 thousand pounds per dose, and for favibravir, the percentage was reduced to only 20% of the original total cost of the product at its global price, which ranged between 4 and 5 thousand pounds.

She pointed out that the Egyptian Drug Authority has directed pharmaceutical companies to increase their production of pharmaceutical preparations used in the treatment protocol, and that they have taken all necessary measures to ensure the speed and continuity of pumping pharmaceutical preparations with the need to preserve the production plans for important and strategic preparations, as well as to preserve the strategic stock of raw materials. This matter is monitored and continuously inspected by the Pharmacist Inspection of the Medicines Authority.

In a related context, and in light of the authority’s endeavor to advance investment in the pharmaceutical sector and develop the pharmaceutical industries; 1564 human pharmaceutical preparations were registered during the past year 2020 until the end of the first quarter of this year 2021, of which 126 preparations are for export only.

This comes within the framework of the Egyptian Drug Authority’s efforts to simplify, accelerate and develop the procedures for the drug registration system, which will benefit the development of the industry, increase the working capital in the Egyptian drug market, make pharmaceutical preparations available in abundance in the Egyptian market, and open new horizons for export.


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