The metro singer .. Ahmed 3 years to sing to cheer the Egyptians in the tunnels .. Video


Amidst the noise of the train, the tunnels silenced and the talk of the passengers, the attention of the people is attracted by the sweet sound of mirth reflected in a ray of joy and drawing laughter on the faces of the Egyptians. This is one scene when what has come to be called “metro singer” Ahmed Hamadeh ascends.

Ahmed started singing in the midst of subway cars 3 years ago, and he met with the approval and applause of the passengers, which prompted him to form the “makers of joy” group, which plays the role of a carefree and painter of joy on the faces of people within a few minutes they spend inside the subway cars.

Ahmed Al-Karawani’s sweet voice shakes the metro crowd with love, optimism and hope, which made him loved by passengers and also known as a solemn joy, until his fame spread through communication sites and the media.

Lens of “The Seventh Day”, met Ahmed Hamada, who was born in Mansoura and studies Turkish language at the Faculty of Arts at Helwan University, to talk about his artistic project: “I love music and I love to see all my energy. I have been singing for 8 years, but I started with the metro 3 years ago. I came back from the test upset, and I automatically found myself with the richness I share with people, so I started to think about continuing singing inside the metro, which is the best place to get people out of any angry or worries.

Ahmed started assembling his band, which he called the “Al-Bahjah Band”, then went to the subway, starting at Helwan metro stations, and here he started singing.

Ahmed was not able to reach people in the beginning, so he used to go to them to transmit his art and share moments of joy with them and try to relieve some of the worried people or notify those with high taste that the rapture will remain.


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