The Minister of Education: The study continues during the month of Ramadan, and attendance is optional (details and number of days)


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Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that in light of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education’s keenness on the safety of students during the holy month of Ramadan, it has been decided that attendance will be optional in all types of schools, but the guardian must provide the school with that desire.

The number of days students attend does not exceed three days per week.

And the exchange schedules between the different classes are used to reduce the presence of students in the school.

The curriculum is also supplemented by technological means.

Shawky confirmed, in previous press statements, that any exams that will be held for school students during the month of Ramadan (late April) will be taken into account that they are very short exams.

He explained that the dates for the exams in Ramadan will be very far from the time of breakfast, and the exams will be very light.

Shawky added, “Oh, I focus on studying the specific content of students, and we emphasize that the exam will be short, direct, easy and free of problems.”

Shawky responded to the demand to close schools and stop studying during the month of Ramadan for fear of the spread of Corona injuries, saying: “Those who do not want to come can sit at home, so attendance is optional in all schools.”

He added, “The school will remain open to those who need it,” and the ministry has allowed school students the freedom to choose between attending schools or distance learning during the second semester.

He explained that absenteeism in schools was lifted for students who chose to complete the second semester from home through the other available educational means.

He added that this comes within the framework of the Ministry of Education’s keenness to complete the school year in conjunction with the continuation of the Corona pandemic in Egypt, in order to preserve the interest of students.

The Minister of Education announced that school students in Egypt had only completed 14 weeks of the supposed total of 33 weeks of the normal school year.

He said: Any calls for shortening the remaining period are unacceptable, because this will lead to great educational harm to students. “We have completed half of the weeks of the 2020/2021 academic year, and we still have 8 weeks in April and May, but whatever we do, we will not be able to reach more than 25 weeks. From 33 weeks, not all of them are in direct attendance, some of them are online because of the Corona pandemic. ”

He added that everyone should know that the ministry is fighting to complete the school year and provide all possible means for this, taking into account the precautionary measures and people’s fear of the pandemic for students, teachers and administrators in the educational system.

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