The most famous dozen (+90) goals for Al-Ahly in the African Championships … Yasser Ibrahim writes his name


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A precious equalizer scored by Yasser Ibrahim, the defender of the Al-Ahly football team, with the 90th + 4th minute, in the Sudanese Al-Merrikh net, saving the defending champion’s face after an unsatisfactory performance for his fans in Omdurman, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly has officially qualified to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, barring the second card in the group behind Simba, who is in the lead.

And on the mention of the goals of the killer time for Al-Ahly at the African level (+90), they are numerous and varied, we review the most prominent 12 goals in the following lines.

The most famous goal came Bessarea Mohamed Aboutrika against Tunisias Sfaxien, in the second leg of the 2006 Champions League final, achieving the most valuable titles for the Tachs.

Imad Miteb was a knight for the troubled minutes with a killer header with the final whistle of the final second leg of the 2014 Confederation Final against the Ivorian Sport Siwi. Al-Ahmar was awarded his first titles in this competition.

Ahmed Raouf, was the owner of the key goal to crown the Confederation in 2014 after scoring the goal of Al-Ahly’s passage for the group stage, while everyone waited for the final whistle of the team’s front in Morocco in front of the new defense Hassani.

Mohamed Nagy Gedo awarded Al-Ahly 3 precious points in the face of Congolese Mazembe at the War College stadium in the group stage of the 2012 CAF Champions League by scoring the victory goal of +90.

The star Mohamed Aboutrika returned his deadly goals, this time against Dynamos Harare in Zimbabwe at Cairo International Stadium in the group stage of the 2008 Champions League, giving his team a critical victory.

Osama Hosni was on a date with the consolidation of Al-Ahly’s superiority over the Sudanese Crescent by opening the team’s journey in the group stage of the 2007 Champions League.

Mercury Mohamed Barakat aimed to hold the 2005 CAF Champions League final with Etoile Sahel after penetrating and shooting into the Tunisian net with the final whistle, completing a historic triple for Al-Ahly on the night of his coronation.

Imad Miteb scored another famous goal of +90 against ES Setif in Algeria in the 2015 African Super Cup, which Al-Ahly lost on penalties.

Ras Wael Jumaa saved the Al-Ahly team from losing two points and gave the Red Castle sons a hard victory over Ismaily in the group stage of the 2010 CAF Champions League.

Shehab El Din Ahmed was on a date with a resounding shell that inhabited the window of the Libyan Union +90 at the Cairo Stadium and announced the passage of Al-Ahly for the group stage of the 2010 CAF Champions League.

Ras Abdullah Al-Saeed climbed to Al-Ahly groups for the 2016 edition of the African Champions League after scoring in the deadly time of the team’s match in Burj Al Arab against Young Africans Tzani.

Yasser Ibrahim succeeded in yesterday’s meeting by writing his name in the Al-Ahly +90 registries at the African level, with a header that saved the Champions League holders from losing to Al-Merrikh in Omdurman, Sudan.

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