The most prominent scenes of Zamalek’s last training in Algeria … a check and a chefu carrying the ball.


The camera of the official website of the Zamalek club monitored the most prominent scenes of the last training session of the white team in preparation for the meeting of Mouloudia of Algeria, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

Among the most prominent scenes was the carrying of the duo, Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala and Mohamed Abdel Shafi, to the coaching bag, and the intense focus on the players and the technical staff led by French Carteron and his assistant, Osama Nabih, the general coach.

The players of Zamalek, their main training, went to the stadium of July 5 in preparation for the match against MCA, and the coaching staff, led by French Carteron, focused on the physical aspect at the beginning of training today, and after that the team fought with ball training, and the technical staff divided the players into two groups, and each group performed exercises with the ball from a touch one.

The trio Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim “Jensh” andMuhammad Abu Jabal And Mohamed Awad, goalkeepers for Zamalek, special training under the supervision of Oliveira, the goalkeeper coach, and the guards’ training witnessed intense focus of the trio, and Oliveira was keen to train the three guards on reaction speed and deal with cross balls, and the Brazilian coach held a quick session with the three guards and gave them some instructions during the training .

The Zamalek device was conducted, A division between players In the middle of July 5 stadium under the leadership of Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, the assistant coach of the team. Carteron, the coach, and Osama Nabia, the general coach, were keen to follow up on the division that was established between the players, during which the focus was on some technical and planning aspects to be applied in the next match against the Algerian champion.

After returning to the residence hotel, the Zamalek players went through healing training after the team went to training at the July 5 stadium in preparation for the Mouloudia meeting tomorrow.


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