The most prominent statements of the actress Najwa Fouad about the number of her previous marriages … Video


The able actress Najwa Fouad sparked widespread controversy with her statements in which she confirmed that she was married 6 times, one marriage is customary, and the rest of the marriages are legal. CBC.

I married one common and 5 legitimate.

I wish it was only 20 marriages.

Ahmed Fouad Hassan chose to continue my life with him, because he is the one who has raised me and my life, and he is the one who made me after our Lord.

I did not have a friend and no one in Cairo, and he was my whole life.

The one I loved the most was the last one I married … The share caused my separation from my last husband.

The passport was divided and shared, and I made a mistake in my life a lot.

I got into a fait accompli and danced during my ex-husband’s wedding … and performed the best of my life during the party. ”


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