The Mummies Show Composer: We agreed to sing in Pharaonic and I worked with 200 musicians for 3 months


Musician Hisham Nazih, composer for the Parade of Royal Mummies, expressed his joy at the resounding success, commenting: “It is lucky that I inherit this great legacy … and I compose for the passage of 22 kings and queens who have performed for civilization the civilization concept and its meaning, an opportunity that does not compensate for our longevity … and greatness … and I say them from My heart is grateful that I belong to this civilization and very fortunate. ”

He added during an intervention with the media, Lamees El Hadidy, on her program, A Final Word, which was broadcast on the channel on,: “I have to do music because those who are prepared are countries, not anybody … and the choir is from the ancient Egyptian language. It was specially selected for the occasion of the melody … and a large group participated with me … and made the melody and it was agreed to sing with the pharaoh … and we were very successful.

He continued that the period of composing the songs took from two and a half to 3 months, adding: About 200 musicians and singers I worked with, and at the beginning of the intervention, Lamees El Hadidy applauded live on the music of the Mummies Parade today.


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