The national anthem and greeting the flag are “mandatory” .. “Education” announces the rules for school attendance


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The Ministry of Education and Technical Education sent a letter to educational directorates nationwide regarding a set of regulatory controls for the educational process; In order to preserve the health of its children, students at all levels of education, in all schools and educational entities in general, and limit the spread of the Coronavirus in particular.

The ministry explained in its following letter:

The attendance of students of all types of schools is optional after the guardian informs the school of his desire not to attend the student.

The number of days scheduled for students to attend each class does not exceed three days a week at most, for all types of schools, provided that the teaching of the curriculum is completed using technological means.

– A warning to all schools to implement exchange schedules between classes to reduce the presence of students in the school.

Adherence to student evaluation mechanisms and the implementation of examinations, in accordance with periodic books.

On the other hand, the Ministry directed in its speech to form committees to follow up the following:

– The commitment of all schools and educational entities (in which Egyptian students are enrolled) to teach the subjects of national identity (Arabic language, religious education, national education, social studies) and students are evaluated in them according to what was mentioned in the periodicals organizing them.

– Commitment of all schools, including international schools, to salute the flag and perform the Egyptian national anthem. Committees are formed to ensure that this is implemented and whoever violates will be held legally accountable.

– Commitment to apply all precautionary measures and take measures when any illness cases arise, and to follow the previously stipulated closing rules.

Committed to international schools and educational entities to teach curricula approved by the Ministry, and to monitor any violations to take legal action against them.

Assigning specialist mentors to review the content of all curricula taught in international schools and educational entities; To ensure that it is free of any information that conflicts with the Egyptian culture and national constants.

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