The price of gold today in Egypt, Saturday 3-4-2021 … Karat 21 records 757 pounds per gram


Experienced gold prices In Egypt today, Saturday, April 3, 2021, a remarkable stability at 757 pounds per gram of the main caliber in the gold market, while the global gold market closed at a price of 1730 dollars.

Gold prices today

Caliber 24 recorded 865.75 pounds

Caliber 18 recorded 649 pounds per gram

Caliber 21 recorded 757 pounds per gram

The gold pound is 6320 pounds

An ounce of gold is $ 1730

gold prices Constantly changing in Egypt and the world, with continued speculation on the yellow metal in the stock exchanges, and we are trying in a new cycle of labor markets a simplified reading of the course of affairs in the global and local gold market, based on current economic indicators and events and away from complex economic terminology.

There are several scenarios for the movement of gold during the month of April 2021, the first is a global rise in an ounce that may cross the barrier of 1760 to 1790 dollars and the price rise in Egypt to 770 or 790 pounds for 21 gauge, and this scenario depends on that the United States of America is preparing to launch a new stimulus package by 2 A trillion dollars, and this will of course be accompanied by a rise in inflation there, and gold is rising with rising inflation.

The second scenario is gold falling to levels of 1680 dollars an ounce, and in Egypt it drops to 740 pounds for 21 carat gold, and this prediction depends on the yield of Treasury bonds in the United States of America will rise again, and this will lead us to a significant drop in the price of the precious metal.


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