The program has happened now … a crisis facing WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone


It was encountered today by my users What’s Up Around the world the crisis of the program crashes and is automatically updated and the Indian “Cyber ​​Security Agency” SIRT has warned – that of all the vulnerabilities that they may face, which will have a significant negative impact on the privacy of users and their personal data, according to “zeenews”, the Indian computer emergency response team found , On a serious security flaw in WhatsApp versions on both Apple and Google’s smart phone operating systems, as part of the regular version of the most popular messaging app and the business version.

Experts warn WhatsApp users of security flaws

The agency announced that the security vulnerability will automatically affect users of the program with version v2.21.4.18, and older versions of Android, while users of version 2.21.32 and older versions on iOS are also affected, and other than this, the Cybersecurity Agency also stated that there are many Among the vulnerabilities that were reported in the WhatsApp applications, which could allow remote hackers to execute random code or access sensitive information on the operating system of the victim’s phone, the Indian security agency also revealed that this vulnerability appeared due to “the problem of configuring storage memory. The timer on Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp, which allows an attacker to exploit new vulnerabilities to expose the app’s encryption technology.

The program has happened now ... a crisis facing WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone

A recommendation to update the program immediately to avoid a crisis

The security agency has recommended WhatsApp users around the world that they update their WhatsApp application to the latest version to fix the security problem for users of smartphones running the Android and iOS operating systems. It is worth noting that WhatsApp faces a major crisis in India, which is one of the largest markets for it. In the world, after the Indian government asked the correspondent company to review the proposed changes that it plans to implement soon in its privacy policy announced at the beginning of this year, through which it prepares to share user data, which violates the privacy of its users in the country.


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