The Public Prosecution announces the results of the investigations into the Sohag train collision


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The Public Prosecution announced the results of the investigations into a train collision in Sohag, which resulted in the death of 20 citizens and the injury of 199 citizens, following the collision that occurred between the Maragha station and Tahta in Sohag governorate.

As the investigations had revealed that the “distinguished train” had stopped before the “Al-Senussi” crossing, located between the two “Maragha” and “Tahta” railway stations, for several minutes, then moved it past the two crossings, and stopped it again until the arrival of the “Spanish train” from a railway station. Iron “Sohag”, and colliding with the stopped train, the accident occurred, which resulted – to date – in the death of 20 people, and the injury of 199, and resulted in damage to the two trains amounting to 25 million, 898 thousand, and 583 pounds.

The driver of the “distinguished train” and his assistant had claimed in the investigations the appearance of lights on the control screen of the cockpit, stating that the rate of air pressure in the pipes connecting between the train cars had decreased, which stopped it automatically, and referred the causes of this decrease to either withdrawing one of the danger handles in any of the cars, or closing one of them. The valves for diverting compressed air with the brakes – the carrots -, and that with the beginning of the high rate of air pressure, the train moved bypassing the “two lubricants of Senussi”, and then stopped automatically again at the site of the collision. The injured, passengers, train workers, and security personnel; Not seeing them pull out any of the danger handles or hearing the distinctive sound of pulling them, and he added as a track to make sure that the handles were not pulled with 4 carts.

The “Public Prosecution” presented these statements and pictures to the engineering committee formed to examine the truth of the matter technically, while the distinguished train driver confirmed in the investigations that he had stopped the automatic brake and control (ATC) device during the trip, claiming that he had interrupted the train’s movement and delayed its arrival at the stations.

While the assistant driver of the Spanish train decided to take over the drive during the accident, claiming to be traveling at a speed of 90 to 95 kilometers per hour, and making sure that all the lights “semaphores” were lit in green along the railway strip before the collision site, which allows him to pass, but he is on A distance of 500 to 600 meters from the collision site saw the stop of the “special train”, so he used the hand brakes to stop the tractor and the cars, but it did not stop it, so the collision occurred, while the train driver disputed in that story, confirming that he was driving at the time of the accident, walking at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, and watching him The “privileged train” stopped 100 meters away, when it used the same brakes without being able to stop the train. The driver and his assistant decided to stop the automatic brake and control (ATC) device on the train. The driver referred the reason for this to delaying movement, claiming that the National Railways Authority issued verbal instructions not to Operate this device, and hear it about it at the «Bordan Driver Training Institute».

The investigations had confirmed that the “head of the central control department in Assiut” left his workplace at the time of the accident, despite the responsibility of this department to monitor the movement of trains at the collision site, while the investigations with two observers in the department resulted in their violation of their work tasks; One of them was late to alert the driver of the “Spanish train” to the “special train” stopping, and he made a mistake in the number of this train as soon as he started alerting his driver, while the other failed to try to contact the driver of the “Spanish train” to alert him, after only two failed attempts to call them, and she confirmed The records of the communications that the aforementioned extracted from the telecommunications company did not carry out the two conversations he claimed, and the “Public Prosecution” had listened to wireless conversations recorded by the communications equipment at the department’s headquarters, so it became clear of them that the alert attempts were delayed and continued despite the occurrence of the accident.

The “Public Prosecution” also moved to the two control towers of the stations “Maragha” and “Tahta” – the reality between them – and saw on the monitoring screens the lights of the “semaphores” on the railway strip between the two stations before the accident, so it found that the two lights of the two Semaphore were located about 1 km and 310 meters before the collision site. One of them is illuminated in yellow, which means that the speed must slow down, and the other, near the collision site, is lit in red, which means that it is necessary to stop, contrary to what the assistant driver of the “Spanish train” claimed.

The “Public Prosecution” inspected the point from which the “red semaphore” lighting and the train stopped on the railroad track were visible. With the help of the experts of the Egyptian Survey Authority, it determined its location at a distance of five hundred and thirty-five meters from the site of the collision, and from that point it conducted thirteen simulations of the use of all types of hand brakes with a tractor similar to the user in the “Spanish train” if he was traveling at a speed of ninety kilometers per hour. Stop stopping the tractor every time before the point of collision, and the “Public Prosecution” will present these results to the engineering committee formed to examine it from the technical point of view and draw the final results.

The “Public Prosecution” has received statements from both the Director General of Infrastructure Maintenance and the Director General of Operation on the Network at the National Authority for Egypt Railways in the Assiut region; They included confirmation that the area of ​​the accident is not from the disengagement areas in which the automatic braking and control device (ATC) can be stopped in Sohag Governorate, and they confirmed in advance of that statement in the investigations that this area is operating with an electrical distillation system that requires the operation of this device – contrary to what the two train drivers and their assistants claimed -.

The Public Prosecution’s viewing of the recordings of the surveillance machines at the Sohag station, which is located before the scene of the accident on the day it occurred, resulted in the assistant driver of the “Spanish train” sitting in the driving seat, and receiving in place of the driver the model “67 movements” issued by the station, and the fixed speed in the area The accident, which did not exceed 90 kilometers per hour, so the “Public Prosecution” preserved the form and indicated in it the signature of the driver’s name indicating the receipt. So the driver and his assistant wrote to this signature, and the report of the “Research Department of Forgery and Forgery” in the “Forensic Medical Authority” confirmed the writing of the signature assistant instead From the driver, confronting the two with that result, they acknowledged the incident of forgery, and each of them stuck to his driving the train at the time of the accident. Biometric measurements, make sure it appears.

The report of the “Forensic Medical Authority” and the question of its editor in the investigations had resulted in the inconsistency of the injuries seen and described by the Spanish train driver and his assistant, with what they claimed in the investigations that they remained in the front cabin of the tractor during the collision, and that it is possible to imagine leaving the cabin before it happened. The Public Prosecution »a tripartite committee of doctors from the Forensic Medicine Authority to ensure the correctness of this result. After inspecting the site of the accident, in the presence of the driver and his assistant and under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, the committee concluded that the previous report concluded, adding two other scenarios of what happened, either The presence of the driver and his assistant in the lane separating the front and main cabins at the time of the collision, or their presence in the main cabin – the next one on the front – at that time, stating that they were not allowed to stay in the front cabin, as they claimed.

The results of the analysis of narcotic substance abuse issued by the Ministry of Health resulted in the abuse of the supervisor of the station tower, “Maragha”, the substance of narcotic hashish, and the use of the assistant driver of the distinctive substance and the drug “tramadol”. These were the results of the investigations of the “Public Prosecution” into the accident, and the action is in progress. In the case as soon as it is completed.

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