The reasons for sentencing the actress, Abeer Baybars, for the murder of her husband, with a maximum prison sentence of 7 years


The Cairo Criminal Court has deposited the merits of its ruling to punish the actress, Abeer Baybars, for the murder of her husband in his apartment in the Al Basateen area in Cairo, with 7 years imprisonment, while obliging her to file a civil case.

The court clarified that, as a result of his husband’s and financial disputes and verbal quarrels arose between the defendant Abeer Wahba Naguib and her fame Abeer Baybars, and her life partner, the victim, whom she wanted to divorce from him, which developed into a quarrel that arose between them slapping the victim on the face, so she became angry and thought of beating and deliberately harming him As he used to throwing her in the most horrible words, insulting and beating in front of everyone, taking advantage of the weakness of his character in front of her and his intense love for her, and as soon as she saw a piece of broken glass from the leaf of the cupboard of the marital home, which brought them together under one roof, so she picked her up to fulfill her desired hope, as she determined and set the intention on me Hitting him intentionally, without pity or mercy, or scared of conscience, heavenly religion, or a statutory law, and a miserable and despondent who surprised him with a piece of broken glass with a stabbing blow that settled on the upper left of his chest, after which he fell on the ground lying in his blood, causing his injuries, which is a stab wounds on the upper left of the chest It penetrated the chest cavity, causing a cut in the tissues and muscles, cutting with the right lung tissue and bleeding resulting in the death of the victim, without the accused intending to kill him, but the beating led to his death.

The prosecution’s investigations, of which Al-Youm Al-Sabea obtained a copy, into accusing actress Abeer Baybars of killing her husband revealed surprise and dramatic details, after the Public Prosecution decided to refer her to the criminal court and charged her with premeditated murder.

The defendant said when confronted with Haraz No. 19855, which consists of her mobile phone and has a picture on the day of the accident, May 30, that the accused took for herself and shows the victim lying on his back, and wearing a “red shirt” while the defendant appears in the picture as she goes out of her tongue after he was killed. The accused replied, “I could not believe that he was dead, except after the ambulance came and told me that he had died.”

And by asking the accused, was the timing of the photo taking before attending the ambulance? “Maarafash” replied, and did not answer the prosecution’s question.

It turned out that the defendant wore certain clothes while taking the photo with her dead husband, and changed her clothes before attending the ambulance.

Al-Basateen Prosecution decided to refer actress Abeer Baybars to the criminal court, on charges of killing her husband.

The incident began with the arrival of a report from the victim’s father, with which Minutes No. 5598 of 2020 was issued to the Criminal Investigation Department in Cairo, confirming the death of his son, Amr SS, 42, the owner of a petroleum company, and accused the deceased’s wife, Abeer Wahba Naguib Zaki, famous for “Abeer Baybars. 35 years marked by his murder.

He moved, the investigation officer of Al-Basateen Police Department, and by asking the amount, he decided that he had received a phone call from his son’s wife telling him of his natural death, and upon his arrival and examination of his body it was found that there was a deep wound in the chest and accused his son’s wife of killing him and seizing the 2 million pounds he had before his death.


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