The reasons for the imprisonment of the artist Abeer Baybars in the murder of her husband: she took advantage of the weakness of his character and his intense love for her


The Cairo Criminal Court headed by Counselor Mohamed El-Sherbiny deposited the reasons for sentencing the artist Abeer Baybars to seven years in strict imprisonment and obligating her to pay ten thousand pounds to civil claimants for the murder of her husband in Case No. 19857 of 2020 Al-Basateen Felonies.The court stated in its merits that it was the effect of marital and financial disputes and a verbal quarrel that arose between the accused Abeer Wahba Naguib and her fame Abeer Baybars and her life partner, the victim, Amr Sayed Abdullah, who wanted to divorce from him, which developed into a quarrel that arose between them who slapped the victim on her face, so she became angry and thought about He beat him and intentionally hurt him, as she used to throw him in the most terrible words of insults and beat him in front of everyone, taking advantage of the weakness of his personality in front of her and his intense love for her.

The court added that the defendant was determined and decided to intentionally hit him without pity or mercy, or fear of a conscience, a divine religion, a statutory law, and an understatement and a solemnity that surprised him with a piece of broken glass with a stabbing blow that settled on the upper left of his chest, as a result of which he fell on a ground lying in his blood, causing his injuries, which are A stab wound in the upper left of the chest that penetrated the chest cavity, and it caused a cut in the tissues and muscles, a cut in the right lung tissue, and a blood hemorrhage that resulted in the death of the victim, and the blood sample stuck to it came positive for the blood of the victim and without the accused intending to kill him, but the beating led to his death, and investigations confirmed Detective validity of the occurrence of the incident.

The court stated that the incident had evidence of the correctness of its occurrence and its evidence against the defendant, and that is what Halo Ahmed, an Ethiopian national, testified that while she was working as a paid servant at the defendant’s house, she used to insult her husband, beat him and insult him in front of everyone because of his weak character in front of her, and that on the day of the accident she heard the voice of a quarrel. She grew up between them, so she went out of her room to find out the matter, so he found out to her that he had broken the glass panel in the room, and that the victim had a wound in his chest, and that he had fallen to the ground and called for help to help him, asking her for a glass of water, so she responded to his request and noticed that he was very tired due to his injury.

She added that the defendant asked her to bring cotton and a bottle of perfume to clean the wound and the blood that was bleeding from it. She also asked her to clean the place of blood and get rid of the traces of shattered glass at the scene of the accident, and that she obeyed her orders and that she collected them with the baskets that were outside the house for fear of them.

She confirmed that the accused had changed the victim’s clothes and her bloodstained clothes, and that she had called her family and one of her friends by phone, and that she had threatened her in the event that she disclosed the incident to someone by depriving her of her papers related to residency with her.

The court continued that the prosecution witness confirmed that the defendant called her sister and told her about the incident as soon as it happened, and that the accused had photographed the victim after the incident, adding that she had guided the investigations into the location of the Basque, which contained the traces of the incident, and told her sister about the incident and her desire to leave the house after she recorded the wife’s conversation. On her cell phone.

The court referred to the testimony of Walid Ahmed that he is a friend of the two parties and because of the existence of spousal and financial disputes between the accused and her victim’s husband, and the desire of the first to divorce from him, a quarrel occurred between them, and the victim hit her in the face and she called him to attend immediately and upon his arrival to her home he saw the victim lying on the ground and unconscious and when he inquired From the accused about what happened between them, she told him that she had assaulted him in the chest and that she had requested an ambulance to take him to the hospital and that he learned from the doctor that there was a wound in his chest and that he was the cause of his death.

The court also referred to Shafi’i Suleiman’s testimony that he knew the defendant and her victim’s husband, and that the latter had become accustomed to insulting him with vicious words and verbal abuse and beating him. The victim said that his son is sick and asked him to go to her to see him. When he arrived at his house, he saw him lying on the bed and he learned from those around him of his death and that they told him that it was a natural death, except that he saw his body falling apart, which indicates death for a long time. He also saw traces of blood on his leg, head and chest and that The accused is the one who lives with him in the house and that she is constantly assaulting him and asking him for money, and that she is the one who committed the incident with the garbage cast in the baskets that was next to the elevator, which was collected at the scene of the accident after cleaning it.

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