The Republican weightlifting champion accused 3 youths of assaulting her and S.


08:43 PM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Eastern Province – Fatima Al-Deeb:

Rasha Fathallah Issa, the republic’s weightlifting champion for disability challengers, accused 3 youths of assaulting her and dragging her husband and brother into the “Mit Jaber” village in Belbeis, Sharkia.

In a video clip that she posted on the social networking site “Facebook”, Rasha explained that the defendants beat her, her husband and her brother; Because of a dispute arose between them on the “Mit Jaber Station” street in Belbeis, while her husband was buying spare parts for his tricycle, when a young man in the shop harassed her.

She indicated that when her husband asked the worker to act politely, she was surprised by him hitting her husband in the face, and a number of his friends helped him in the shop, and he and her brother beat her.

She explained that her husband issued record No. 8269 in Belbeis misdemeanor for the year 2021 for the incident.

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