The Russians plan to reach Jupiter or Saturn using nuclear energy


Lev Zelioni, scientific director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, announced that scientists are planning a trip to Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune using nuclear engines, currently designed in Russia, and Zelioni said at a press conference, “We have begun to dream about flying to the giant planets.”

According to RT, Zelioni added, “We did not achieve this dream in the Soviet period and we have not achieved it at the present time, although it is very interesting, but using traditional engines the road will be very long, while using modern technologies we can reach it quickly.”

He adds, explaining, that this is an automatic station, which can fly around the solar system not in 40 years as the American Voyager did, but rather much faster.

Alexander Shakhanov, secretary of the scientific board of the Lavochkin Scientific Production Company, which is working on designing such a plant, indicates that the company plans to fly using electric motors.

It is reported that Anatoly Petrokovich, Director of the Space Research Institute, previously announced that scientists will begin designing a super-heavy rocket with a nuclear locomotive in 2021. Ros Cosmos signed on December 10 a contract with the Arsenal Design Office on the design of the Nuclon locomotive, which expires in July 2024 could be the first mission of this locomotive, exploring the moon.


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