The sale of the dumped Ronaldo badge at an auction to treat a humanitarian condition


However, what happened proves otherwise, as that blue badge was bought by an anonymous bidder for 64,000 euros, equivalent to 75,000 dollars, at a charity auction, he said. Serbian TV Official today, friday.

A Serbian charity had put up the blue badge to bid online to collect the value of treating a child under the age of 6 months suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, according to the Associated Press.

The auction, which lasted 3 days, did not pass without controversy, as some participants tried to disrupt the process by bidding in unrealistic huge sums, which sparked public outrage, and prompted the authorities to pledge to find and punish the culprits.

It is indicated that Ronaldo He had left the stadium in anger moments before the end of last Saturday’s match with Serbia, which ended in a positive tie with two goals for each team, after the match referee canceled a goal he scored in the calculated time instead of lost.

In the final minutes of the match, the veteran Portuguese fired the ball literally past the hand of the Serbian goalkeeper and appeared to cross the goal line before being driven away by one of the defenders.

Ronaldo revolted in stoppage time when Serbia defender Stephan Mitrovic dismissed his attempt after crossing the goal line, and Dutch referee Danny Makeli indicated that he would continue playing in the absence of a video assistant referee system to review the decision.

As he headed to the dressing room before the referee blew the final whistle, Ronaldo threw a captaincy Portuguese national team He feels very angry near the touchline.

After the match was over, a firefighter picked up the badge and gave it to the charity.

Ronaldo wrote in his account on Instagram, “There are moments that are difficult to accept, especially when you feel that an entire country is being punished. We will maintain our cohesion and move forward to the next confrontation.”

Ronaldo has faced criticism for his actions, and some believe that his outrage may face sanctions from the International Football Association (FIFA).

Close Fernando Santos The result even though he said it was unacceptable not to have a video assistant referee at this level of competition.

“The referee apologized to me right after the match, and now we have to move on,” he told a news conference.


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