The scenes of Salah getting the captaincy for the Egyptian national team


The association’s statement added that the decision came after Al-Badri was informed of the players who preceded Salah In seniority and those who supported this step.

Backstage selection

The Egyptian national team’s media spokesman, Shadi al-Jilani, explains the scenes of Salah’s selection as the captain of the Pharaohs ’national team.

Al-Gilani told Sky News Arabia: “The coaching staff was looking for a player who was permanently present with the national team, to be the captain of the team, because the last period (the captaincy) carried more than one player.”

Al-Jilani added, “We can say that we want a stable strength for the team, and Al-Badri wanted to have a stable leader for this generation similar to Ahmed Hassan with the previous generation.”

The media coordinator of the Egyptian team also explains that Salah had a leadership role within the team during the previous camps: “Salah has a strong influence on his colleagues, and is loved by everyone, and he, along with the rest of the top players in the team, will undertake the task of motivating and encouraging the team, in order to achieve positive results in the upcoming matches. “.

And Gilani continues: “With each camp for the national team, the leadership badge was the talk of the media and the public, so we decided to take a final decision on it to prevent any disagreement between the players.”

In the conclusion of his statements, Al-Gilani confirms that Hossam Al-Badri discussed this decision with the players this week, and was widely accepted by all members of the team.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian national team has reserved a seat in the upcoming African Nations Cup, to be held in Cameroon in 2022.

Commander tasks

For his part, former international player Shady Mohamed, one of the historical leaders of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, says that the current generation has lost the presence of a captain on the field, stressing the importance of the role of “team captain”, because it is like a miniature version of the coach in the green rectangle.

Muhammad added to Sky News Arabia: “The captain is the link between the coaching staff and the team, and he directs the players to keep the coach’s instructions, and in the event of any problem, the players contact him first, and he is the one who communicates with the technical staff to express the demands of his colleagues, and the leader is “Which prevents the rest of the team from falling into” spherical battles “inside the green rectangle, especially if the meeting is in front of a rival mass team or the final of a tournament, because those occasions are the ones that witness many skirmishes between the players.

The former international player concludes his remarks, advising the Egyptian captain in the coming period: “You have to infuse the players with the spirit of competition again, and help them make every point of race in order to reach the podiums again, and win a championship that will prove the feet of the current generation.”

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