The Senate attorney rejects the high school law: “It is inconsistent with the constitution and equal opportunity.”


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Representative Phoebe Fawzy, a representative of the Senate, announced her rejection of the high school bill, submitted by the government.

The deputy said, during the plenary session of the Council, that the draft law contains some of the elements that expose society to great tensions and crises that the current stage cannot bear, and contradicts the equivalence of imposition, and bears the impression of unconstitutionality in Article 9 of the Constitution.

The Vice-Secretary of the Senate called for the current bill to be postponed by the government, until a full bill is put before the House, which crystallizes with the state’s vision for reform, thanking the Council’s Education Committee for its efforts in discussing the law and preparing its reports.

Counselor Bahaa Abu Shaqa, a deputy to the Senate, had expressed his rejection of the high school bill submitted by the government.

During the plenary session, Abu Shuqa said, to discuss the draft law, that “the primary goal is the education system in Egypt, and is not limited to high school and its number of years. The issue is much further than that. We are establishing a modern modern state, and building the Egyptian human being the basic process in it.”

He added: “We must be in front of comprehensive and comprehensive legislation that addresses all the existing and accumulating problems, a comprehensive system, rejection of the idea, or a denial of the great work carried out by Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, but the idea is for the legislator to take into account the possibility of implementing this project.”

He continued, “I see the need to take into account the obstacles and crises that may result from approval of the submitted project, and from here I reject the draft law submitted by the government, and I call for an integrated project that solves the education crisis and sets Egypt as a modern and modern country.”

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