The South African Corona strain is able to penetrate the Pfizer vaccine


The study, the results of which were published on Saturday, compared nearly 400 people who tested positive for the virus, 14 days or more after they received a dose or two of the vaccine, and a group of other infected people who were not immunized with the vaccine..

Reported by her study Tel Aviv University In cooperation with Clalit, the largest healthcare institution in Israel, they monitored the strain discovered in South Africa In roughly 1 percent of all cases studied.

She explained that the prevalence of the strain among patients who received two doses of the vaccine was eight times higher than the rate among unvaccinated patients, by 5.4 to 0.7 percent..

This indicates that The vaccine It is less effective with the South African strain compared to the original strain of the virus, as well as the strain discovered in Britain.

“We detected the proportion of the South African strain disproportionately higher among the infected people who received the second dose of the vaccine, compared to the group of unvaccinated individuals. This means that the South African strain is able, to some extent, to penetrate the protection of the vaccine,” said researcher Addy Stern.“.

The researchers cautioned, however, that the study was conducted on a small group of individuals infected with the strain due to its scarcity in Israel.

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