The spoiled and marginalized inside Al-Ahly during the Mosimane era


The era of any coach who coaches any team always witnesses the existence of elements that enjoy the admiration and confidence of the technical director and rely on them mainly, while the opposite is that some leave his accounts and their roles are secondary and rely on them according to the need for their efforts, this is what applies to the relationship of Betso Mosimani, the coach of Al-Ahly With the players of the red team, some of them enjoy his confidence, and some of them are marginalized in favor of other players, who will be the priority in his accounts if he decides to set up a formation for any match his team plays.

AndWitness the Al-Ahly squad Many of the names gaining the confidence and admiration of the seasonalan, while some suffer from marginalization due to their exit from the technical accounts of South Africa, where his presence remains as a secondary or on demand needed when there are absences or changes in the formation according to the course of the match and its circumstances, which makes there some pamperers and also Marginalized in Mosimane accountsBut it is ultimately governed by the size of his bid on the field and the implementation of technical instructions.

It is the most prominent players in the spoiled Mosimane era:


Mohamed Magdy Afsha is the best choice for South Africa in the Al-Ahly squad, because he is fully convinced of his capabilities, in addition to his ability to develop his performance and change his role on the field from a mere playmaker to a second striker and in some cases a winger.


Ali Maaloul is considered one of the cards loved by Musimani in the formation of Al-Ahly, for his great confidence in the Tunisian player to make the difference at any time of the game, and for his unconventional offensive solutions.

Mohamed Hany

Pitso Mosimane is confident in Mohamed Hani’s abilities to lead the right front in Al-Ahly and in the player’s ability to provide the best level, even in the player’s worst technical conditions.

Walid Soliman

Although Walid Suleiman was not a key player with Musimani before the injury, the South African coach considers him a “magic Aladdin lantern” who is able to settle the result in favor of his team at any time due to his extraordinary abilities.

Mohammed Al Shinnawy

There is no doubt that Mohamed El Shennawi is the most important player in Musimani’s squad in Al-Ahly, not only because of his technical capabilities, but because of his leadership role within the team and his interference in solving problems inside the locker room.

Ayman Ashraf

Musimani’s confidence in Ayman Ashraf without limits after the player succeeded in imposing himself in more than one position, whether in the center of defense or the left front, after he succeeded in developing his defensive performance and good handling in direct to man“The crosses and preparation from behind.


Bannon is one of the players who will not be absent from Musimani’s diary if he decides to set up the Al-Ahly formation due to its technical importance in the Al-Ahly defense line and in preparing from behind, and in the confidence that he gives to the red line of defense.

Al Sulayyah

Amr Al-Soleya is one of the chessmen in the Al-Ahly formation. Musimani does not abandon them due to his important role in giving his team control and possession in matches, especially the big and important matches.

The marginalized players of the Mosimane era


Although everyone agrees that U Diang is one of the most important players in the formation of Al-Ahly, but the player gets out of Masimani’s accounts many times, as his hand tends to favor Hamdi Fathi to push him in the middle of the stadium next to Amr Al-Soliya, and Fathi’s injury did not give the opportunity to involve Diang mainly.


Since the arrival of Musimani, Ramy Rabia’s position from participating with Al-Ahly has become in danger, as the player always gets out of the accounts of Musimani, whether by being on the bench or completely outside the list, which is what annoyed the player who moved away from participating in the era of Mousse.

Saad Samir

While Saad Samir was waiting for the opportunity to participate with Al-Ahly after his return from injury, his chances clashed with the presence of more than one player in this position, such as Bannon, Ayman Ashraf and Yasser Ibrahim, in addition to his exit from Musimani’s accounts.

طاهر محمد

Taher Mohamed Taher does not get his full chance with Al-Ahly under Musimani’s leadership, as his participation is intermittent between basic participation at times or backup at other times.

Mahmoud Kahraba

While the start of Kahraba came with Musimani at the beginning of the current season, during which he managed to score 4 goals, but the player is no longer at the top of Musimani’s interests in the formation position, which angered the player and prompted him to fabricate a crisis with his coach that caused him to stop him for a month and fined him financially. .

صلاح محسن

Mosimane Salah Mohsen ranks fourth in the strikers’ ranking among Al-Ahly, behind Marwan Mohsen, Mohamed Sharif and Walter Bwalia, and does not get a complete chance with the South African coach.

Akram Tawfiq

Despite his mastery at the time he got the opportunity, Akram Tawfiq does not participate with Al-Ahly continuously and always accompanies the red bench in the matches his team plays, whether locally or in Africa.


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