The stars of “Kings of Jadana” honor the late artist Saeed Saleh with a scene that influences the steps of the descendants of strangers


In a touching scene, the makers of the series “Kings of Gadana” made a beautiful human gesture by honoring them with the late artist. Saeed Saleh In an influential and different way within the events of the series, where the makers of the series surprised the audience by using the director Ahmed Khaled Moussa with words by the artist Saeed Saleh from one of his media interviews while he was talking about his time in prison, which he mentioned through the words of the actor Muhammad Abdel Azim in the scene that he combined with Amr Saad and Mustafa Shaaban is in prison, where the makers of the series dedicated the scene to the soul of the late artist Saeed Saleh.

Honoring Mahmoud Morsi and Nour Al-Sharif in the series
Honoring Mahmoud Morsi and Nour Al-Sharif in the series Offspring of Strangers

This humane honorable gesture was preceded by the makers of the series “Kings of Al-Jadana” also the producers of the series “The Offspring of the Strangers” who honored a number of late and old stars with the appearance of the artist Nour al-Sharif and Mahmoud Morsi in pictures on the wall in the series “The seed of the strangers”, within the first episode of the series, as they are from the “al-Gharib” family. The events of the series revolve around, as well as the artist Nour Sharif and director Youssef Shaheen appeared in archive footage in the first episodes of the series “Cairo Kabul”.

This honorary gesture by the late artist Saeed Saleh was met with the admiration of the public and their praises on the communication sites, especially because of the influential words of the late artist that the makers used in the scene, and the daughter of the artist Saeed Saleh, Hind, interacted with the scene and honored her late father and said in her post on Facebook. : “The first day of Ramadan, my friend Mr. Ahmed Khaled Moussa, director of the series“ Kings Al-Jadana, ”said a scene in the fifth episode specifically for you, and that the scene is inspired by a dialogue by Baba.

The late Saeed Saleh
The late Saeed Saleh

And Hind Saeed Saleh continued in her post: “I remained focused and focused more in peace, my friend in particular, because people say before watching the series that it is a copy of Peace, my friend, even though the series does not really have any relationship, and when the fifth episode came and I found the artist Mohamed Abdel Azim, he said The dialogue written in the picture … I stood, clapped, tears, and felt some feelings that I did not understand, this was Babas response in a television dialogue when I asked about the year of imprisonment and whether he was afraid of his presence in the midst of criminals or not. Dialogue from a movie like Saeed Saleh. I thank my friend, director Ahmed Khaled and professor Mohamed Abdel Azim, for this dedication.


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