The stars of time in Ramadan … Greetings from Carioca. Do not break the fast and do not drink … and religious nights with a kahlawi float.


In the past, the stars of the beautiful time were keen to meet in Ramadan and gather them in many meetings, banquets and evenings, and each group of friends of these stars would form a group that has its own distinct character and customs in Ramadan and has harmony between them in the hobbies and rituals that bring them together in this month, which they are keen on in their evenings And meet them.

Among the most prominent of these groups was the group that includes the members of the National Theater Company, and among its most prominent members Hamdi Ghaith, Muhammad Al-Toukhi, Sanaa Jamil and Samiha Ayoub, and their permanent headquarters in Ramadan were at Al-Fishawi coffee in Al-Hussein, where they stayed up until the time of the dawn.

Students of the acting institute would often gather around this group, talk about everything new in art, debate and joke, then eat suhoor food before leaving for their homes at the dawn of the new day.

There was a group that included a number of great film directors, including Salah Abu Saif, Kamel al-Tlemceni, Fateen Abdel Wahab and his wife Laila Murad. Her house or in a restaurant, although she does not eat with them, as she used to be satisfied with one meal in Ramadan at the eleventh hour, and she does not eat suhoor or breakfast.

There was another group that was predominantly religious, and it was the group led by the artist Muhammad al-Kahlawi, and they were breaking their fast and staying up late at the Nile, and their nights were dominated by the Arabic character, and they spoke during the evening about religion, music and art, and this group included his friend, the artist Muhammad Abdul-Muttalib, before these nights were transferred to Hussein Mosque Square.


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