The story of the pyramid girl .. Her boyfriend tried to have intercourse with her by force, so she tore his body with stab wounds


The accused of killing her boyfriend after she resisted his rape, made detailed confessions in the investigations of the prosecution, where she decided that she was staying with him and had an emotional relationship between them, but he tried to have intercourse with her by force, and then she was stabbed.

The defendant added that she got to know her friend through Facebook, and that she was coming from Alexandria to stay with him in his apartment, and the relationship between them was consensual and the matter continued without any dispute for several months, and she spent two or three days with her friend a week, and things kept going normally until I was surprised. Her boyfriend tried to have intercourse with her, but she refused him because he was tired, so he tried to force her to attack her.

The girl added in the prosecution’s investigations that she tried to calm her friend because she was suffering from stress, but he was in a state of imbalance from the effect of his drug use, and she found nothing in front of her except the knife that he had planted in his chest, so he fell on the ground soaked in his blood and died minutes after the stabbing, while he was being transported to the hospital .

The girl added that she did not intend to kill him, and the evidence for the truthfulness of her story is that she tried to help him and was transferred with the help of neighbors to Al Haram Hospital, but she was surprised that he died after the doctor signed an examination on him and said to her: “Stay for God.” Then the girl told the administrative security personnel at the hospital that she was the sister of the deceased young man and she pretended. By phone until I ran away from the hospital.

Prosecutor’s investigations reported that the victim’s brother said during the investigations that he had no sisters, and that he was surprised that there was a girl with him in the apartment and claimed that she was his sister, but he confirmed that his brother was living in the apartment alone, and the investigations revealed that his girlfriend was the one who carried out the crime and then pleaded before the neighbors She was his sister throughout her stay with him in the apartment.

The security services in Giza, led by Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of the General Department of Investigation, arrested the accused hours after the crime, and in confronting her, she confessed that she and her friend told the neighbors that they were brothers in order to ensure that she was inside the apartment without any objection from the neighbors until the neighbors discovered the matter after the death.

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