The third wave of Corona … why did the injuries increase in Sohag?


10:17 PM

Monday 19 April 2021

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

Quickly, the Sohag Governorate in Upper Egypt has witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of new infections with the new Corona virus during the past days within the third wave of Corona that the country is experiencing, while doctors and specialists demanded the need to proceed with taking a set of precautionary controls to control the situation.

However, a senior official in the Ministry of Health assured Masrawy that “the situation is reassuring and is still under control until now.”

The President of Sohag University, Dr. Ahmed Aziz, had recognized the increase in cases of “Covid-19” in Sohag.

Aziz said: “Recognizing the real situation in the governorate calls on us to take more precautionary measures … the burden is too great for doctors and hospitals, and we must join hands until the crisis passes.”

In turn, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, head of the Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health, said that there is a slight increase in infection cases in Sohag, as part of the increase that the ministry monitored in the governorates of Upper Egypt in general.

Abdel Fattah added, “The situation is not as frightening as some portray it, as things are still under control and the increases are not significant, and as soon as this was monitored, the Minister of Health conducted a visit to the governorates of Upper Egypt at the head of a large delegation, and all procedures were reviewed in Sohag Governorate and to ensure the availability of medical supplies, gas network and oxygen supplies “.

He attributed the reason for the recent increase in injuries to the decrease in community awareness and the citizens’ commitment to precautionary measures, and the increase in gatherings, especially in the current month of Ramadan, calling on citizens not to be in crowded places and to adhere to wearing masks as one of the important solutions to prevent corona infection, and to apply distancing measures and immediate reporting of any infected cases And follow-up with the medical teams in hospitals.

Abdel Fattah reiterated that “the situation is reassuring,” pointing to the presence of specialized teams from the Ministry of Health in Sohag Governorate to follow up dealing with the injured, as well as committees affiliated with the Scientific Committee to supervise the implementation of treatment protocols in Upper Egypt hospitals in general.

For his part, an informed source at the Ministry of Health said, “There is no truth to what has been reported about imposing a curfew in Sohag after the increase in the number of cases.”

The source stressed to Masrawy that “medical teams and hospitals are facing a noticeable increase on the ground, but we can still deal with these cases, and whether or not the curfew is imposed by a decision of the Council of Ministers and not issued by the Ministry of Health.”

In general, the source believes that “it is not expected to return to impose a curfew, but rather to implement a set of precautionary measures, prevent gatherings, and emphasize the application of preventive measures.”

These statements are consistent with the appeal of the governor of Sohag, Tariq Al-Fiqi, to the citizens of the governorate to adhere to the application of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus, and to wear protective masks, especially in public places and means of transportation to maintain their safety.

He pointed to the intensification of monitoring and inspection campaigns and taking all legal measures against the violators, directing the heads of the local units of the centers and villages in cooperation with the security to intensify the daily and nightly monitoring campaigns on cafes, shops, means of transportation and public places to follow up the implementation of precautionary measures to prevent the virus and take all legal measures against violators.

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