The Toukh train accident .. Sources reveal the reasons for the installation of “wood planks” in the rails


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Posted in: Monday, April 19, 2021 – 7:51 PM | Last update: Monday, April 19, 2021 – 8:11 PM

Sources familiar with the progress of investigations within the Railways Authority in the Tookh train accident revealed the truth of the images circulating on social media, which highlight the presence of wooden pieces that connect the railways and are called “blanks” instead of iron pieces, which led to the train’s overturning and its installation By subversive elements.
The sources confirmed that the Sanhur area is a site for railway repairs, and that the train was supposed to run at a speed not exceeding 30 kilometers per hour, indicating that the train exceeded the speeds set in the area, which caused the dislocation of the railways and the overturning of the train.
The sources added that the maintenance engineer is the one who ordered placing wooden connections at the repair sites to facilitate the dismantling and installation operations, stressing that these parts will only be affected by high speeds only, and that the train exceeded the speed of 120 kilometers due to a mistake of the Shubra station superintendent for not informing the driver of the calm in that area.
Regarding sabotage elements tampering with the railways and installing wooden connections instead of iron, the sources confirmed that it is impossible to do so for several reasons, most notably the passing of a train every half hour on the line, while the dismantling and installation of a link takes more than that due to the periodic and repeated passage of the train.
The sources added that the other reason preventing sabotage of the railways is the passage of the hammer guard or the draise foreman on the tracks periodically along the railway strip, and each employee is assigned a distance to travel every hour, and if he notices any change, he reports and stops the movement completely until the repair.
The sources added that each worker travels a distance of 8 to 10 kilometers per day, going to the other tape and informing the observer when there are any changes, and that when he is unable to speed up reporting, he puts a capsule 500 meters before the change, and a loud explosion or bang sounds, and the driver reduces it. The speed is 8 kilometers per hour.

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